How is SATC organised?

SATC is composed of four bodies: the General Meeting of its Members, the Committee, the Advisory Board and the auditor.

The General Meeting of Members is the supreme authority of SATC and exercises all powers and competences not attributed to any other body of the association.

SATC is managed by a Committee of at least three members who are representatives of SATC Members as elected in the annual General Meeting. A member may only have one elected representative .

The Advisory Board is composed of individuals who are independent advisors to the trust industry in Switzerland or other influential professionals. The function of the Advisory Board is to advise on issues such as qualification requirements for new members, professional and ethical standards and on technical issues. It will also bring forward ideas, motions and concepts for the future development of SATC and its position within the Swiss and international financial environment.

The consultant represents SATC and its viewpoints in professional bodies of the financial industry and the Federal Government, particularly with regard to FATCA and OECD CRS (AIA). He participates in relevant expert meetings, keeps the “Technical taxation Committee” updated on the latest developments and supports consultations in relevant areas.

The Committee may delegate the execution of certain special tasks to ad-hoc commissions and technical committees or members it designates to this effect.

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