The aims of SATC are

to be the leading organisation to engage in the furtherance and development of trustee activities in Switzerland;

to ensure a high level of quality, professionalism and integrity in the trust business in Switzerland;

to bring together entities with operative offices in Switzerland that are active in the trust industry for the exchange of know-how, information and ideas on trust related matters;

to strengthen the standing of the trust industry in Switzerland, to enhance the reputation of trustee activities and to increase the acceptance of the services of those engaged in the trust business;

to advance technical knowledge and further and support high level education in respect of managerial, legal, administrative and other relevant trust related subjects;

to become an association recognised and supported by the Swiss government and other influential bodies, associations and commissions in Switzerland and internationally;

to undertake and support studies and research and to make suggestions and representations of a technical, practical, but non-political nature to governments and other bodies, thereby improving the legal basis of the trust business in Switzerland.